Men’s Tips & Tricks-Ever wondered how often you can wear clothes before washing them?

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Volume 1.

Ever wondered how often you can wear clothes before washing them?

You can use this handy guide to determine the how many times you can wear something before washing it.
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According to L.A. based stylist Rayne Parvis you can wear:

Sock/Underwear – wash after every wear

T-Shirts– wash after every wear

Workout outfit/Swimwear– wash after every wear. Washing the swimwear off with fresh water helps minimize dammage from chlorine, sweat, and sunscreen.

Jeans– wash after 5-6 wears, turning jeans inside out when washing and drying will prevent other fabrics rubbing against them and also minize color loss.

Pant/Shorts– wash after 3-4 wears

Button Down Shirts– wash after 1-2 wears, he says you can go to 3 wears if y9ou wear an undershirt and don’t sweet a lot.

Jackets/Hoodies– wash after 5-6 wears(continued below)

Coats– once per season

Suits– wash after 3-4 wears. He says if you take it to the dry cleaners, take the whole set, that way the colors will fade evenly.

Yourself– wash at least once a day

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